Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time

Assignment One (Who ARE You?)

So the assignment is to document your Vision Statement and then post a picture that represents that vision.   

Assignments – I’ve always been a procrastinator when it comes to assignments but lets give this a try.  Vision statment…vision statement…vision statment???

Let me think about this…this shouldn’t be hard…Photography is what I love to do…but why?  Here’s why.  When I look at my pictures, whether it be a single image, a slideshow, an album or a box of miscellaneous prints, I always remember where each one was taken and what was going on during that moment.  The pictures and the memories make me smile.

Ok – Back to the assignment…What do I want to do photographically?  Hmmm…  WAIT – THIS IS EASY.  I already know what I try to do.  I put it on all my pictures.  “Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time”.

So simply put my vision statement is:  

I capture moments that spark lifetime memories.


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