Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time

About Me

Hi!   My name is Michele.   I live in Gilbert, Arizona.  I absolutely love photography.  It has become an my passion, my obsession and my most expensive hobby.  I go to bookstores and read photography technique books all the time.  I love to learn and continue to do so every day.  I’m a flickr addict.  I can spend hours and hours looking at photos, reviewing the lighting setups and equipment used.  It’s probably the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before I fall asleep. 

Off camera flash is what I want to master.  I’ve been inspired by so many great photographers who have learned, improved and mastered the technique (I’ve followed some great 365 projects on flickr) so I’ve decided to do one in 2012.  My goal is to takes pictures using off camera flash every day in 2012.  I will use this blog to post at least one photo that I am proud of, learn, improve and get to the point where I can set up and shoot the shot I envision…easily….and hopefully inspire someone along the way.

Please do not use any of my images without my permission.  If you want to use or purchase an image, please contact me at the following address.

I'm a Getty Images Artist

A selection of my photos are available for license via Flickr & Getty Images

My camera gear


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