Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time


Two Olives Please

Two Olives Please by Michele D. Lee
Two Olives Please, a photo by Michele D. Lee on Flickr.


Close…But Yet So Far

Close...But Yet So Far by Michele D. Lee
Close…But Yet So Far, a photo by Michele D. Lee on Flickr.

I saw this when I was out walking this morning.

I found it funny that someone would take the time to balance the cup against the post and the trash can rather than throw it away.

Even funnier is this…about half way through my walk I realized that I could have put it in the trash myself after taking the picture….Oooops!

(4/365) Sparky


We had some sparklers left over from the 4th of July.  I decided to get out the silver umbrella and see what I could do.  I liked the shot but thought it needed an edge.  Black and white with selective color was just what I was going for.  I like it. 

View setup

Watch This

I think this is a pretty cool picture.   The background actually came out darker than what I was trying to do but in the end I liked it a lot.  


Ok it’s the first day of my 365 project.  My head hurts – not from drinking… but I have a headache.  I took allergy pills last night and ended up sleeping way more than normal.  Now I’m trying to figure out what the heck I want to take a picture of.   It’s 10:15am …I still have time…  Maybe I’ll take a nap.

It’s December 31st, 2011…

It’s December 31st, 2011…

Tomorrow I start my year-long post a day off camera flash photography venture.  Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two and I will become a better photographer.  I know this will be a challenge but I’m up for it.   Besides I pretty much take pictures every day anyway.

Here’s to 2012 and making changes for the better!

Happy New Year!