Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time

Project 52

Assignment One (Who ARE You?)

So the assignment is to document your Vision Statement and then post a picture that represents that vision.   

Assignments – I’ve always been a procrastinator when it comes to assignments but lets give this a try.  Vision statment…vision statement…vision statment???

Let me think about this…this shouldn’t be hard…Photography is what I love to do…but why?  Here’s why.  When I look at my pictures, whether it be a single image, a slideshow, an album or a box of miscellaneous prints, I always remember where each one was taken and what was going on during that moment.  The pictures and the memories make me smile.

Ok – Back to the assignment…What do I want to do photographically?  Hmmm…  WAIT – THIS IS EASY.  I already know what I try to do.  I put it on all my pictures.  “Making Life Memorable…One Photo At A Time”.

So simply put my vision statement is:  

I capture moments that spark lifetime memories.


Project 52 – I’m in

Holy smokes…  2012 is going to be full of challenges for me.  Today I decided to do Don Giannatti’s  Project 52 group on flickr in addition to my 365.   At first I thought I must be crazy but it shouldn’t be too different from what I already do…  Take lots of pictures and come up with ways to challenge myself and grow.  

This project looks great.  It is “52 Real World Assignments, Critiques and Inspirations for the photographer who wants to go as far as they can”.   Check it out and join.  You can start any time.