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(8/365) Light Setup (Audit)


Close…But Yet So Far

Close...But Yet So Far by Michele D. Lee
Close…But Yet So Far, a photo by Michele D. Lee on Flickr.

I saw this when I was out walking this morning.

I found it funny that someone would take the time to balance the cup against the post and the trash can rather than throw it away.

Even funnier is this…about half way through my walk I realized that I could have put it in the trash myself after taking the picture….Oooops!

(7/365) Lets Grab a Drink

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(6/365) Step Ladder

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(6/365) Lighting Setup – Step Ladder

This actually came out brighter than I wanted so I had to tone it down a tad in photoshop.

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(5/365) Got a Light?

Basically this is the same setup from the post yesterday.

I can’t stand smoking but this was kind of a cool photo because of the blue flame.

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